For those of you who have followed this blog for sometime, you’re likely aware that I make a living building solutions for others using WordPress – all of this is done under my company, Pressware.

From the landing page, you’ll notice that there are two other team members – Stephen and Nathaniel – both of whom are responsible for other tasks on the team (and we’re even shifting roles a little bit more very soon, but that’s beside the point).

Though I’ve almost always done exclusively project-based work, I’m also looking into branching out into products, as well. I doubt this is a surprise. The thing is, in order to help expand the business into both products and services, I need a little bit of help in growing the business.

To that end, I’m looking for an intern.

A Pressware Internship

In short, Pressware has more contract work that one person can do and I have some small projects that I not only need help with building, but that I think would be great ways to learn more about WordPress in the context of building actual solutions for others.

How Much?

The first question that every person always asks about an internship is if it’s paid or not. This is a paid internship. How much is commensurate with the amount of contract work that’s actually completed during the time we’re working together.

Candidly speaking, this will not be the type of internship that’s 40-hours a week, live off of the work type of deal. This is likely suited for someone who is currently working a job and is looking to pick up some extra work on the side.

We’ll talk more details about this via email.

How Long?

Right now, I’m looking to have someone start as soon as possible and am looking at eight-to-twelve weeks. If the internship goes well, then I’m interested in bringing the person on as a permanent contractor of the Pressware team.


This is not an entry-level internship as I expect the person to be…

  • familiar with the WordPress Coding Standards (all of them – PHP, JavaScript, DocBlocks, etc.),
  • comfortable with being handed a problem solving it using the proper WordPress APIs
  • suited to maintaining a separation of concerns both in the sense of object-orientation and in the sense of clean code (and separating file types)
  • comfortable using Git and GitHub
  • familiar with Sass and jQuery and/or ready to learn them on-demand
  • happy to use CodeKit as the build tool for a number of the projects
  • absolutely great with communication

Those are quite literally the bullet points, but I’ve also found it helpful to read a description of what the ideal person would look like for the position, so I’ve opted to provide that, too.

The Ideal Intern

The ideal intern is someone who is familiar with WordPress, the coding standards, the APIs, and the Codex but is looking for opportunities to expand his or her familiarity with the core application. The person is also interested in solving problems for others using a combination of WordPress, JavaScript, Sass, PHP, HTML, and more.

The person can work anywhere and anytime as long as work is done on time. The person must be highly self-motivated and highly self-directed. This particular internship isn’t one in which there will be step-by-step directions provided for every task that needs to be done; however, opportunities for code reviews, discussions about approaches to solving problems, and more are more than welcome.

You can work anywhere and at anytime as long as tasks are completed on time and in a professional, high-quality manner. This person will also likely be someone who is looking to pick up a few extra hours of contract work per week – this isn’t meant to replace an existing job.

Though the person may be gainfully employed in a 9-to-5, this position is likely best suited for someone who is a freelancer or who is comfortable working on their own time outside of their day job.

Why Isn’t This on the Pressware Blog?

Easy: Next month, I’m taking some time to focus a bit on the Pressware as well as the landing page, product website, and pages and restructure them so that they more accurately reflect what the company does and is doing.

One of the things that I’m planning to do, at least for the short term, is to close down the blog. As such, I’ve posted it here since this is the one place that I consistently blog and will continue to do so.

The comments are closed on this post as I’d like to chat with each person individually via email, so if you’re interested, please send me an email and we’ll talk!