Preferred WordPress Hosting

I’m a big fan of Site5

Earlier this week, I had a couple of people shoot me an email asking who I preferred in a WordPress host. The truth is, when it comes to preferred WordPress hosting, both developers and designers have their vendors of choice.

I’m no different.

As you can tell from the screenshot above, I’m personally a big fan of Site5. This is not a sponsored post – simply a reason as to why I prefer these guys.

Site5 – Preferred WordPress Hosting

I’ve been with Site5 for several years now and I’ve dealt with everything from basic shared hosting up, reseller hosting, and cloud hosting and I’ve yet to be disappointed.

Typically, I don’t recommend a specific plan of theirs – I’m more of a fan of paying for what you need at a given time and then upgrading when the need comes. Whatever plan you opt for, you can’t go wrong.

Here are three things I dig about Site5:

1. Backstage

Preferred WordPress Hosting - Backstage

Site5 Backstage

Backstage is Site5’s administration area. It’s where you access your cPanel, support tickets, view incoming messages from the team, and check the health of the server farm (or server) on which you’re hosted.

Depending on the nature of your plan, you also have access to all domains and accounts that you manage as well as the ability to handle disk space, FTP, and SSH for all users.

2. Support

Preferred WordPress Hosting - Site5 Support

Both a Ticketing System and Live Chat

Arguably, my favorite feature of Site5 is their level of support. Aside from engaging their customers via Twitter, they also offer both Live Chat support tickets via Backstage and email.

For all of the tickets that I’ve had to enter on behalf of myself or other clients, I’ve rarely had to wait even an hour for someone to get back in touch with me and have yet to experience an issue that took longer than 24 hours to resolve.

3. cPanel

Preferred WordPress Hosting - Site5 cPanel

Site5’s cPanel Implementation is one of the best!

cPanel is more-or-less the de-facto standard for web host administration, but its implementation often sucks. As far as Site5 is concerned, they have one of the most attractive variations of the application that I’ve seen.

For the most part, it’s never been a pain to work with it and it’s leaps and bounds greater than what I’ve experienced thus far.

Again, this isn’t a sponsored post – it’s just some general things that I dig about my preferred WordPress vendor. If you’re interested in using to Site5, feel free to use this affiliate link ;).

But seriously, the bottom line is that Site5 has been a great host to me and I’m always happy to recommend them to others.

What About The Other Vendors? You Tell Me!

All of that said, I know that everyone’s experience with their WordPress vendors is different. I’ve heard good things about a lot of different hosts, and I’ve heard negative things about a variety of hosts – even those that I prefer.

So I’d love to have you guys link up who you guys prefer and two or three reasons as to why. Oh – and don’t be shameless: Feel free to link up using an affiliate link, as well.

Ultimately, I’d love for this post to be somewhat of a collection of preferred WordPress hosting services to which I can point others.