Though I’m not planning to venture into doing any type of video blogging on discussing WordPress, there were a number of comments that I received on both of those posts as well as my post on three things I’ve learned from blogging that posed several interesting questions:

  • “I was hoping you could explain how you made that step and perhaps even give as an insight into your process.”
  • “Things like how you collect post ideas, how much time you spend writing, how difficult it was to get to and maintain this writing schedule and how much it has helped your career.”
  • “How much time you spend writing vs. “doing real work” (development)?”
  • “Do you even put aside your developer’s hat for a while and do nothing but write?”
  • “It’s very difficult to find things worth writing about and to continue despite little to no positive reinforcement.”
  • “Where do you find inspiration from to write? Do you browse any sites like Quora or Stack Overflow to get a sense of what’s popular, etc?”

After giving this some thought, I’ve decided to run a miniseries – for lack of a better term – of podcasts that talk about blogging, what I’ve learned from doing it, my process, and a couple of other tips I have for both aspiring and budding bloggers.

A Miniseries? Seriously?

I know, I know. A miniseries is some kind of primetime Lifetime movie event about a battered man or woman or found themselves a victim of unfortunate circumstances through a course of absolutely ridiculous an unlikely events or poor hair cuts:

Lifetime Original Movie

If will be marginally greater than this photo, if I’ve anything to say about it.

Truthfully, here’s how I look at it: I’m not planning to release this podcast in iTunes. They’ll be available for download for here each time I release an episode.

The episodes will be short, they’ll [hopefully] be fun, and – above all else – they’ll help give some insight into how you guys can level-up your blogs.

A Disclaimer: I hardly consider myself a professional blogger, but I can share my process, how I plan out my articles for both this site and others, and how I find inspiration for topics about which to write.

So, a Podcast About Blogging, huh?

I’ve yet to actually name the podcast. I was thinking about calling it Word Up since it’s purpose is to help you level-up writing words, but that phrase sounded a bit better in the 90’s, didn’t it?

Though I’ll likely add, change the order, or subtract content from what I’ve listed below, here’s a tentative below of what you can expect from the podcast:

  1. Niche and Narrow: How To Pick Your Niche, and Understand What It Really Means to Go Narrow
  2. Collecting Ideas: Inspiration, Experience, and Opinion
  3. Allocating Time: When To Sit Down and Write
  4. Finding Your Rhythm: Once a Week, Thrice Weekly, or More
  5. Personal Thoughts: Some Candid, Honestly Thoughts on My Own Process

If you’ve listened to any other professional bloggers share their experiences, advice, and thoughts on this, then this series of podcast are going to be vastly different.

I’m not trying to be a professional speaker in this space, nor am I attempting to brand myself a professional blogger. I don’t necessarily have tips and practices that transcend various styles of blogging.

All I have to draw from are my own experiences and I’m unapologetic about that.

That said, hopefully I’ll be able to answer whatever questions you guys have and help you guys jump start your blog for the new year. I don’t mind accepting some questions in the comments below, but I don’t plan on this podcast going on more than a few episodes. If you’ve got something to ask, please do so and I’ll do the best I can to address it.

The Internet needs good people to continue to put out good content. Hopefully the podcast will help you do just that!