Here’s my weekly round up of some of my favorite articles from around the web. Good stuff this week…

  • Nettuts had a great look back at The Best of Paul Irish. I highly recommend watching all of these videos.
  • They also shared a solid article on advanced data models in Rails. Once you get beyond the basic tutorials for the framework, you’ll wanna check this out.
  • Ryan Bates shared a screencast on CoffeeScript Basics. Definitely worth the 11 minutes of your time as this is going to be included by default in the next version of Rails.
  • Chop is a click web server for annotating code snippets. Great for code reviews.
  • Smashing Magazine ran an article on the Dreaded DNS Delay. Worth a read for those of you new to setting up (or migrating) web sites.

More next week. If you’re in the States, enjoy the holiday weekend :).