Last week, I talked mentioned I try to write every day. Personal stuff aside, it’s clear that I aim to write for this particular blog five days a week.

Though I’ve no plans to change that, I’ve know that writing daily can create a backlog for readers that makes it difficult to keep up with.

Ultimately, this results in readers opting not to discuss anything in the comments, or it results in subscribers calling bankruptcy on the RSS feed.

To that and (and perhaps somewhat ironically), I’m curious as to what you guys think as well as hearing your thoughts on some potential alternatives.

Mark All As Read (But Not On My Stuff!)

Sure, anyone that blogs has to contend with readers clicking on “mark all read” simply because we’re busy – we don’t have time to consume all of the content some subscriptions publish.

But if we – as authors – can do more to make it a bit more to make our content more accessible or easier to read, then why not, right?

So in an effort to improve the way the content for this blog is delivered, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on the following:

1. Mailing List

One thing that a lot of bloggers use is a mailing list. Usually this list will send out each post on the day it’s published, a weekly digest of the posts, or a weekly email that includes only the most highly commented and/or visited posts.

Though I’m personally not a fan of increasing the amount of information in my inbox, I know that that’s purely a personal preference. After all, others use their inbox in different ways.

Plus, with other bloggers using this particular strategy and continuing to do so, there must be some merit to it, right?

As such, are you guys interested in having a mailing list for the blog? If so, what’s your preferred type of content – that is, would you rather have daily emails of each post, weekly emails of all posts, or something else (like a category feed)?

2. More Tweets

Typically, I only tweet out a link to a post twice a day: once when it’s published, then sometime later in the day.

I don’t use any type of plugins to applications for circulating older content via my Twitter feed, and I usually don’t tweet content more than twice a day.

But, again, others circulate their content – especially their older content – more than once, so I’m curious as to if this method is something that’d provide more access to content?

Honestly, I think Twitter is arguably the greatest firehose we have. Consequently, it’s even more difficult to keep with content rather that an RSS feed or email.

Personal opinion aside, is this something that you think would make content more accessible?

Other Alternatives?

Of course, there are other alternatives but the aforementioned tend to be two of the most popular methods used right now. My primary questions are  if either of those two methods appeal to you.

If not, what other alternatives do you suggest?

Seriously, let me know!