At the very end of july, I shared all of the details about my upcoming “Improve Your WordPress Development Skills” course. Feel free to read the details in their entirety; however, note that this is the week of course!

I’m really looking to hanging out with everyone who has signed up. I’ll be sending out an email later this week that includes everything that you need to know for how to participate in the course, but for those of you who are still on the fence, here are the details of what we’re covering:

  1. The WordPress Codex – What It Is, Why It Matters, and How To Use It.
  2. The WordPress APIs. What They Are, Why Do They Matter, Why (and How) Should I Learn Them?
  3. The WordPress Coding Standards. What They Are and Why You Need To Use Them
  4. Finding Your Niche. Design, Theme Development, Plugin Development, Applications, and More. What’s right for you and how do you identify it?

Remember: After the course if over, I’ll be looking to host a “backchannel” of sorts for the participants and myself to hang out for a couple of weeks to further discuss the content of the course, and to make sure that everyone walks away as prepared as they can be given the content of the course.

Right now, the cost of the backchannel will likely be $10 and it’s simply to cover hosting costs, but I am looking to lower the cost as much as I can. There will be more details about this after the course.

In the meantime, if you’re in the fence this is the last call to register – hope to see you there!