On March 14, 2011, I released the first version of the jQuery Konami Code as part of a project that I was finishing up. The project itself is no longer active; however, the jQuery Konami Code has been sitting in GitHub ever since.

Earlier this week, I merged the first pull request that the plugin has received (thanks to Stephen Hill!) which introduced a number of improvements.

Next, I spent some time cleaning up the demo code, cleaning up the actual project directory, and making a few other improvements with the help of JSLint.

The jQuery Konami Code 1.2.0

jQuery Konami Code 1.2.0

Specifically, the changes that have been introduced in the last two commits – that is, those from Stephen’s merge and from mine – include the following set of changes.

Note that Stephen is responsible for 1.1.0, and I am responsible for the additional changes in 1.2.0.


  • Refactoring some of the code up to JSLint standards
  • Updating the changelog to markdown
  • Updating the README to markdown
  • Removed the MIT License and included it in the README


  • Additional, minor refactoring for strong JSLint
  • Removing extranneous whitespace
  • Moving the plugin to a src directory
  • Updated the demo to the latest version of jQuery
  • Updated the code for jQuery
  • Updated authorship information
  • Updated the version number in the plugin
  • Updated the README and the changelog

You can grab the latest version of the plugin for your projects on GitHub.

Want More? Me Too!

I’d love to keep this plugin updated, rolling, and fun for others; however, it’s a hard sell considering that it really just depends on the user entering in the Konami Code, and then you – or another developer – defining what happens after the code has been entered.

So if you’ve got ideas, issues, or pull requests, feel free to ask to merge them as I’m always open to improving what’s already here.