Aside from working with WordPress, I’m also a big fan of JavaScript and have been trying to slowly include more content about the language.

Generally speaking, I think JavaScript is an important language to learn because it’s a core component of WordPress for both plugins and themes, and for public-facing code as well as the administration area of JavaScript.

Despite the fact that WordPress uses jQuery, I think that it’s always important to explore and understand the core language, too. 

Late last week, I stumbled across this great series of JavaScript screencasts from the team at Bocoup. Directly from their site:

A collection of videos aimed at helping you level up your JavaScript and open-source web development skills.

I highly recommend checking out this particular resource especially because their JavaScript screencasts tend to focus on a single, small topic.

This prevents the screencasts from being excessively long so that they can be watched when you’ve got just a bit of free time, and because it makes the content that much richer.

Anyway, if you’re looking to level-up your JavaScript skills, check out these screencasts. Definitely worth it.