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HTML5 Reset, Image Loaders, JavaScript Interpreters in JavaScript, and More

Only have a few resources this week. The rest are in the Newsletter:

HTML5 Reset is a simple set of files that provides a basic foundation for HTML5-based projects. With all of the heavy boilerplates that exist, this is a nice alternative.

jQuery Collapse is a jQuery Plugin for adding collapsable sections of your web-based UI. It’s ARIA compliant and the menu positions are saved via cookie persistence.

pxLoader is a JavaScript Image Preloader speciifcally for HTML5 applications. The website provides extremely easy intructions for getting started.

js.js is a JavaScript Interpreter for JavaScript. The interpreter is worth playing around with and the source code is worth browsing especially for the CS junkies.

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  1. Elvin

    Hi Tom. İt is me, Elvin, one of the authors in tutsplus. İ am first time in your blog, clean and nice theme you have :)
    İ have added your blog to my GReader, good luck.

    • Tom

      Hey Elvin – thanks for the comment! Dug your latest post on TutsPlus, as well :).

      • Elvin

        Ur welcome :) Now i am working on new tut, i hope it will be ready till the end of january.

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