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Gitty – GitHub For iPhone

As much as I love GitHub, it’s lack of mobile applications has always been kind of a bummer to me. Sure, there is GitHub Issues and it’s not bad, but it’s basically a way to keep up with issues and bugs that crop with your repositories. Personally (and surely I’m not alone), I’ve always wanted a full-featured version of GitHub for iPhone.

A couple of years a go, I met a Matthew Strickland via Twitter – he’s a solid guy, solid developer, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up more than a couple of times around Atlanta.

Matthew, Jared, and Myself at a recent meetup.

Matthew, Jared, and Myself at a recent meetup.

Recently, he released Gitty – and it solves the problem of a missing client of GitHub for iPhone.

GitHub For iPhone

In short, Gitty is full-featured versin of GitHub for the iPhone. On top of that, it has a slick interface that most of us who use iOS daily have come to expect.

GitHub For iPhone

Various screenshots of Gitty on the iPhone

Where as GitHub Issues is practically an issues tracker, Gitty offers significantly more features:

Events, Notifications, and More

  • Just as you’ve come to expect from GitHub, you can track events for your repositories and the repositories that you’ve starred.
  • If you’re part of an organization, it the app also allows you to keep track with those repositories, as well.
  • You can also keep up with all of the notifications and the various deep links that you’re used to following within the context of GitHub.

Repositories and Issus

  • Gitty supports access to both public and private repositories
  • It also provides access to project source code and their corresponding issues.

Bugs, Comments, and Pull Requests

  • Track with the latest issues, commits, and pull requests for your repositories.
  • Handle your issues – open, close, and/or comment on outstanding issues
  • Merge pull requests, just as you’d expect

GitHub Offerings

  • Gitty also provides support for various aspects of GitHub
  • The app offers a search of the job feed
  • Use the app to search both users and repositories
  • Follow the GitHub blog

Get Gitty About Gitty

Yeah, I know – the title’s a little punny, but Matthew has been kind enough to give me a single promo code to give away in contest.

So from today through the next week, the contest will be held.

As with previous giveaways, just leave a comment and tweet out a link and you’re entered:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to you guys :)!

Keep Up with Gitty

For those of you who are interested, there’s a variety of ways to check out what the app offers (and to keep up with its development):


  1. John Saddington

    gitty makes me giddy!

  2. wisnu

    super.. I need this

  3. Shaun Scovil

    I was just looking for a good GitHub app yesterday and was bummed that I couldn’t find one. I’m in the process of developing a new WP theme framework that will be available on GitHub soon and this would be a big help…

    • Shaun Scovil

      Ironically, the experience of entering this giveaway on an iPhone was horrendous. That Rafflecopter widget didn’t scale with the rest of the page; didn’t integrate with the Twitter app (which I was viewing this site through); and I had to sign into it three times to complete the process. Maybe @strickland can build them an app? :-)

  4. Jason Bradley

    Sure, start a giveaway contest after I already purchase the app :)

    It’s an awesome app by the way! I highly suggest the purchase!

  5. Peter

    Exactly what I was looking for and for sure a lot more people are! Cool, I need this !!

  6. Jonathan Wold

    Here’s my entry! :) – Thanks for bringing attention to Gitty – I think I’ll be getting myself a copy, one way or another.

  7. Pazzilivo

    I was looking for a good GitHub app many times, Today i found it!! thanks a lot

  8. Rik Claessens

    I use Github for every university-related project I do. I’m currently doing a master studies in Artificial Intelligence.

  9. Sunny Ratilal

    I’ve already purchased the app and it’s truly awesome! If you use GitHub for work or personal projects, I highly recommend participating in the giveaway.

    Matthew has done a truly fantastic job with this app and even if you don’t get a free copy of Gitty, I highly recommend purchasing it.

    For the price it’s at, it’s a steal!

  10. Michael

    This would make my life much easier. Put me down for two entries.

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