Earlier this year, I shared a bit about Flywheel Hosting which prides itself on being a WordPress-centric hosting company. Straight from their site:

A re-imagined WordPress hosting experience, built from the ground up specifically for web designers and developers.

WordPress hosting is a hot market right now, so I love seeing the different providers enter the market – competition triggers innovation, right?

Of course, this still raises one question for all of us…

Should I Get Flywheel?

The New Flywheel Landing Page

The New Flywheel Landing Page

According to the guys at Flywheel, they are premium WordPress hosting. Dusty, Flywheel’s CEO, offered this up for information about the launch of their service:

All we do is WordPress. ­ Our servers are tuned specifically for WordPress, to be ultra­ secure and have top performance

Light speed is normal speed. ­ Say goodbye to bottom­of­the­barrel hosting – we configure all of the caching, which means no more setting up plugins

Hackers aren’t welcome. ­ We proactively scan for and block known attempts to hack your site

Perhaps the thing I love the most about a new contender entering the market is the sheer focus on WordPress only.

They aren’t trying to be hosting for all things. Just WordPress – and this is great for those of us who are dedicating [at least a portion] of our career to working on and working with WordPress.

Any Screenshots?

The Flywheel Dashboard

The Flywheel Dashboard

Setting Up a New Site

Setting Up a New Site

A Single Site Dashboard

A Single Site Dashboard

And The Cost?

Now that they are out of beta, all of the information – especially that on pricing – that people were asking about is now available:

  • Small Personal sites are at $15/month.
  • Larger Person sites are at $30/month.
  • Professional Sites are at $75/month..
  • There are services available for the Enterprise but it requires you contacting Flywheel for more information.

Anything Else?

Yep – today is officially Flywheel’s launch day so head over to their site to check out what’s going on.

Later this week, I’ll be partnering with the Flywheel team to offer a giveaway, so keep your Twitter stream, RSS feed, or whatever else you use to read this site open :).

Personally, I’m very interested in the service and am eager to see it take off. I know several other WordPress designers who have been keeping their eye on Flywheel for the past little while so it’ll be fun to see how this holds up against the other services who are out there.