Last weekend, Meghan and I welcomed our little girl into the world. She’s healthy and we’re all glad to be back home.

Of course, there are fewer resources this week. I’m okay with that, though. Time was spent better elsewhere :).

  • SendGrid is a service that aims to help developers replace the overhead of managing email infrastructure for larger applications. Easy integration, flexible API, and analytics.
  • psd.js is a JavaScript library that accepts a PSD file and can return out various pieces of information such as image size, layer information, color modes, etc.
  • Devise, the authentication library for Rails, just released version 2.0. The update includes the introduction of reconfirmable, removal of database authentication, support for engines, and support for Rails 3.2.
  • Bear CSS is a simple little web application that accepts an HTML document and returns a CSS template based on the ID’s, selectors, and elements in the provided HTML file.

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