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Got enough stuff to more than make up for the lack of resources last week:

  • The jQuery Team has a rather long explanation of what’s happening with the jQuery Plugins site. The short of it is that they are moving to GitHub.
  • I’ve been using Path as a social network for my close friends and family. Overall, I dig it. It’s UI is getting a lot of attention – someone re-created the Path menu with CSS3. Awesome.
  • There are a number of different testing libraries available for Ruby on Rails, RSpec being one of the more popular. Jason at Think Vitamin provided a great tutorial.
  • jQuery.suggest is yet-another inline auto suggest jQuery plugin. Love the simplicity.
  • I wrote about WordPress programming best practices over at Envato.
  • Jeffrey at Nettuts shared a Brief History of HTML5.
  • Hovercard is a jQuery plugin for providing an overlay of information based on a link, label, or other HTML element.
  • Ryan shared a Railscast on OmniAuth Identity. I’ve been using OmniAuth in a recent project and am really digging it.
  • Here’s a good op-ed on Six Revisions regarding minimalism.
  • jQuery Org Chart is a plugin that displays data in a tree-like structure.
  • contextMenu is another jQuery plugin for displaying context menus in your web applications.

I’m considering stopping these weekly resource posts. If you’d rather they continue, let me know.

This week officially marked the first full year of self-employment for me. On to the second!


  1. Eric Ryan Jones

    If you stop these weekly resources then i will email you daily asking what you found today….. you know i will….. :-) Seriously though i’ve found a ton of stuff through ou and these posts. for example the RSpec tutorial was just what i needed!

    • Tom

      Point taken :)

  2. Andrew Lee

    I second that. Keep posting!

    • Tom

      Sure thing – will do. Seems to be the general consensus!

  3. Dylan

    I love these posts, one of my favorite items in Google Reader, please don’t stop!

    • Tom

      Not a problem – going to keep it up!

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