Only a few resources and articles this week:

  • For those of you that do computational designs (specifically with JavaScript with libraries such as Processing), you may be interested in Toxiclibs.js.
  • Smashing Magazine ran an article on upcoming Six CSS Layout Features. Good article complete with code examples.
  • ResponsiveSlides.js is a small jQuery plugin for creating responsive slideshows. This is a great for having a slideshow that you want to look good on multiple screens (especially mobile devices).
  • Sisyphus.js is a jQuery plugin that leverages the HTML5 local storage functionality for saving local drafts of your work.
  • Ryan had another good RailsCast on adding full text search to a Rails app using ElasticSearch.
  • As the jQuery Team has begun to roll out the new plugins site, they’ve hit a few roadblocks. A good post on the status of the site is here.

Until next week.