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Comment Images For WordPress

Comment Images For WordPress is a plugin that – at the risk of sounding redundant! – allows readers to upload images to their comments.

Ultimately, it gives your community the ability to share a single image or illustration to support whatever they have to say.

For the most part, the plugin came out of a conversation that I had with a few people at a recent meetup – they wanted the ability for their visitors to share images with their comments, and wanted to share images with their comments, but lacked the ability to do so.

Comment Images For WordPress offers the following features:

  • If the plugin is incompatible with the current hosting environment, the administrator will be notified and the plugin will not give users the option to upload an image.
  • Readers may upload PNG, GIF, JPG, and JPEG images.
  • Visitors who attach images will be notified prior to submitting their comment if the image isn’t allowed
  • Images are styled to fit within the width of the comment container so that they do not overflow into the page
  • The plugin is fully localized and ready for translation.

Be sure to checkout screenshots of the plugin in action, too. You can view install it from the WordPress Dashboard or grab a copy on the plugin’s homepage.

If you’re a fan of the plugin, have received some support via email or the forums, or want to continue to help develop the plugin, you can also donate here.