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Comment Images For WordPress 1.4

I’ve received some great feedback from users who are using Comment Images For WordPress. Since its release, I’ve received a number of comments, emails, and quick notes about minor issues that users have had when using the plugin.

Yesterday, I officially released Comment Images For WordPress 1.4. You can grab a copy of it here, but here’s a run down of the changes that have happened since I first launched the plugin:

  • Resolved a minor issue with uploading images using Firefox and IE
  • Improved the way that comments are associated with images to improve performance and to make sure that images aren’t lost when the plugin is deactivated
  • Added support for comment images on pages
  • Resolved a bug that improperly displayed images when a user posted two comments back-to-back each of which had images.

Small updates, sure, but incremental changes that help to improve the quality of the plugin. Thanks to all who’ve shared their issues – looking forward to adding a few new features in coming versions.