Working with PHP Sessions and WordPress

Earlier this week, I was talking with a friend and fellow developer about how I handle sessions in WordPress. Specifically, we were talking about how we take PHP Sessions and WordPress and make them work together (or how we adapt the former into the latter).

This is occasionally a point of interest for WordPress developers since WordPress, as an application, is stateless.

The neat thing, though, is that it gives us a variety of ways to approach this problem. But we’re not the first (and we definitely won’t be the last) to come across this problem.

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UI Component Libraries for WordPress via 10up

When it comes to working with UI component libraries in WordPress, I usually look to jQuery UI. Sure, there are some components that are dated (and there are others I like such as Select2), but given that…

  • jQuery is bundled with WordPress,
  • jQuery UI is included in the application and can be easily enqueued,
  • it’s a tried and trusted library,
  • the documentation is solid and it’s easy to follow

This isn’t to say there aren’t times when issues arise, but generally speaking, it’s a solid option when it comes to working with various UI component libraries.

But last week, 10up released a UI component library that I think is worth looking into if you’re a WordPress developer.

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WordPress Batch Processing with Locomotive

WordPress batch processing doesn’t exactly sound like the most exciting aspect of programming (regardless of the platform, really). And working with large sets of data in WordPress usually comes down to one of two solutions:

  1. using WP-CLI,
  2. performing migrations with WP Migrate DB Pro.

Both of these solutions are great, and they do their job well; however, there are times when you’re working with large sets of data within the WordPress administration area that could be manipulated with a simple batch process.

This isn’t to say that using the command-line is bad, but sometimes toggling a few options to work with posts, comments, or other data types would be nice.

And that’s what Locomotive from Reaktiv Studios allow us to do.

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Learning JavaScript in 30 Days (Or Less!)

When it comes to writing about learning JavaScript in 30 days or sharing a link to a resource that I know almost everyone else in the web development industry has likely heard of, it causes me to pause when writing a post about it.

Learning JavaScript in 30 Days

I mean, why bother, right? I’ve heard of it. You’ve heard of it. So what’s the point of reiterating something we’ve already heard?

Two reasons:

  1. We’re one month into 2017 and, if you’re like me, you’ve adjusted some of the goals you’ve set for yourself.
  2. The start of a month is always a good time to begin a, ahem, month-long journey.

And with that, I’m thinking that I’m going to be going through Wes Bos#JavaScript30 course throughout the month of February. (A 30-day course in the shortest month of the year. 😁 I know, right?)

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WordPress Payments: Plasso, Array, EDD, or What?

Years ago, I started using this little service called Spacebox (and I briefly mentioned it about three years ago) to accept one-off payments from clients, family, and friends for different things.

Not long after that, Spacebox changed its name to Plasso, expanded its offering regarding what could be done with it, and I continued to use it for one-off payments.

Fast-forward to yesterday and the company comes out of the gate swinging with some different products for WordPress payments. These include a couple of themes, a plugin, and so on.

And I’m pretty stoked to see what all it has to offer especially with dealing with accepting self-hosted payments (well, as far as accepting things within the context of WordPress).

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