As I’ve shared in the last few articles for this category, I started sharing stuff on Twitter pretty regularly. But I don’t that much more either. So, given that I’ve started keeping a list of things in Apple Notes that I find useful, I thought I might as well return to form and share them here.

They will probably have a much longer shelf-life and maybe reach more people between subscribers and tweeting out a link to the post.

Week of 13 June 2021 Resources

For this week:



  • Programming the Real World. “Consume backend APIs as simpler programmable building blocks for faster development of products, apps and services.”
  • Introduction to Domain-Driven Design. Though I don’t do this as much as I did earlier in my career, I’m a fan of it and had the opportunity to take a week long course with the author of the paradigm. It’s something I think programmers should at least familiarize themselves with as it truly changes the way you think about solving business problems.



  • macOS 12.0 -where oh where is PHP. Most developers likely knew this was coming, but it’s official with the next release of macOS. Maybe opt to install with with brew after the update. 🙂

Here’s to two weeks in a row of getting material out for us (not that there’s a hard and fast rule but, y’know, it’s nice to

But as long as I’m around, I’ll keep this series going. So until next week-ish. 👋🏻