Years ago (maybe a decade – or more, yikes 😬) I used to post links to resources that I found online that I found interesting or useful for other people that were designers, developers, or anyone who was interested in doing something on the web in-general. Case in point, here’s a post from 2010.

A broad umbrella, I know.

And then I started sharing stuff on Twitter pretty regularly. But I don’t that much more either. So, given that I’ve started keeping a list of things in Apple Notes that I find useful, I thought I might as well return to form and share them here.

They will probably have a much longer shelf-life and maybe reach more people between subscribers and tweeting out a link to the post.

24 May 2021 Resources

Here’s a list of some of the stuff I’ve been tracking the last few weeks (but am finally sharing this week 🙂):





Miscellaneous Utilities and Tools

Until next week (or whenever I have enough to share)! 👋🏻