A couple of weeks ago, I shared a small plugin I was working on, Remove Empty Shortcodes, that will – as the name implies – remove empty shortcodes from posts and pages where shortcodes are no longer present.

Today, I’ve tagged another release of the plugin and its available for download on GitHub.

Remove Empty Shortcodes

I’m still not ready to define the plugin as 1.0.0 but it’s getting there. When working on this version, one of the things I introduced to the develop branch was the latest version of PHPStan.

Admittedly, there’s not a lot of complexity to analyze but I’m clearly a fan of GrumPHP and as this plugin grows, the complexity likely will and this will ensure I’ve got the proper checks set up for it.

Anyway, the rest of the updates are as follows:

  • Fixes an issue where page type content was being improperly stripped
  • Updates the namespace for all classes to follow suit with more modern PHP practices (and to make sure any other plugins I opt to release will safely reside in the same, top-level namespace).

It’s a short and sweet update, but an update nonetheless.

What’s Next?

Though I still want to spend time talking through the process of development behind the plugin, the features that I’m planning to continue working on are:

  • Adding an option to permanent remove a short code,
  • Batch remove all existing shortcodes,
  • Support for other post types,
  • And more.

But, as with many side projects, this is one that I’m working on as time allows.