Quick Tip: Check User’s Browser With JavaScript

You’d think in 2018 we’d have a standard way to do browser detection or that the majority of browsers would handle standard idiosyncracies around CSS properly.

But here we are, and it’s still not happening.

This means that when it comes to working with JavaScript, we still may have to do a bit of browser sniffing to determine which browser it is with which we’re working.

Don’t get me wrong: It’s not as bad as it used to be, but there are times in which I’ve recently encountered errors with Chrome and Firefox, specifically.

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Setting Up a 2017 MacBook Pro for WordPress Development

Last Thursday was rough. If I were to explain everything that went down both with my computer and my personal life, you’d think I was making the whole thing up.

It’d be like the adult equivalent of “my dog ate my homework.” Or something like that.

First, as far as my personal life is concerned, this has nothing to do with the well-being of my family. Just a local debacle of waiting two hours during the workday to get something handled. Irrelevant other than, you know, taking a hefty chunk out of a workday.

Secondly, the computer stuff can all be summed up easily: There was a completely pathetic series of unfortunate events that led to its demise. Essentially, “I killed the car.

Setting Up a 2017 MacBook Pro for WordPress Development

So I had to order a replacement in short order (which is not something I wanted to do), had to have to delivered the next day before noon (which is not something I like to pay for) nor is it something that I had planned as a business expense for at least another year or two.

But here we are.

And this leads me to write this post: It’s a walkthrough of the process I follow and of the applications I install whenever setting up a new machine and how I configure it.

It’s not going to be incredibly detailed, but it’s a starting place for if this ever happens again or for any developer looking to set up a new machine or repurpose an existing machine.

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WordPress Blogs You Follow Regularly…?

This weekend, I got a message from a fellow WordPress-developer whom I highly respect. In the note, Mario asked:

I was curious, do you follow other WP bloggers or have a go-to list for people still actively writing?

Which is a good question because, to be honest, there aren’t that many people I know in WordPress who blog regularly.

WordPress Blogs You Follow Regularly (If Any)

This isn’t to say there aren’t a lot of people in WordPress who are active on Twitter or actively sharing their stuff on other channels like GitHub, Slack, newsletters, etc., but there aren’t many people who are actively writing on their blogs.

And maybe it’s weird, maybe it’s not, but I’d assume that those involved in WordPress development of some sort would occasionally write on some place on the web.

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