Years ago, the previous team with whom I worked built a theme tailored for a live event. Once the event was over, we refactored a bit of the code and began selling it.

When 8BIT folded, one of the previous team members took it over and has been selling and supporting it. The theme has continued to sell well for the past few years.

So much so that a couple of years ago, Eric approached me about building out the next version of the theme. So, starting from scratch and using newer technologies, that’s what we began to do.

But as our businesses changed and the demands on our time changed, the focus on Live Theme changed, as well.

The short of it? We’re looking to sell the theme.

Interested in Purchasing Live Theme?

As you’ve surmised from the introduction to this post, we’re looking to sell Live Theme.

Live Theme

Directly from the site, here’s the gist of what the theme is all about:

A memorable, in-person show is given wings when it’s atmosphere, location, and capacity are a perfect fit.

The website used to broadcast your event is, quite literally, the online venue for your audience and is no less critical to your success.

Other features include:

  • Custom designs that can be set without code
  • An event countdown that works across time zones to make sure visitors are ready for the next event
  • Support for up to eight, linkable bumpers that can air in between shows
  • Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Pages that are tabbed so not to reload the page during the event
  • Flickr Integration
  • Support for advertising, analytics, and more

The current version of the theme looks good and works well, but it’s not without faults. Case in point: It doesn’t conform to many of the modern WordPress best practices and standards.

But there’s a brand new version that’s been in development for sometime. It has an updated design, much improved codebase, and uses newer technologies.

Some of this includes:

  • All of the features above
  • Conformity to the WordPress Coding Standards
  • JSHint and Sass-based code
  • CodeKit (and the associated configuration file to ease the build process)
  • GitHub for project management (such as issues)

Additionally, the entire theme as it stands right now is in a GitHub repository. It’s complete with a short list of the outstanding issues. This includes feedback from the customer base and beta testers.

Anything Else?

But what is for sale? The purchaser of this theme will receive the following:

  • A copy of the latest version of the theme
  • Access to the customer support portal (which uses ZenDesk) along with all current customers
  • A transfer of the existing repository including the CodeKit configuration file
  • The outstanding issues needed to complete the theme

The customers are aware of this shift so there are no surprises. And all involvement from current parties will stop.

Discussions for the sale price, the code base, and more will be shared with the buyer. Comments on this post are closed as we’d like to keep these discussions in email with serious buyers only.

Let Me Know!

If you’re interest in purchasing a Live Theme, the support desk, and the source code for the latest version, then please let me know via email.

Eric, the product owner, and I are more than happy to talk with you about the state of the theme, support, and the outstanding code base.

Ultimately, we’re looking for someone who’s passionate about theme development. We’re also looking for someone who likes using WordPress in unique ways.

The ideal buyer will be a developer or a team with access to solid developers. They should be skilled with JavaScript, Sass, and the WordPress Coding Standard. This will ensure the code uses the highest level of quality possible.


Comments are closed on this post. Please email me if you're interested.