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As someone who clearly loves to blog (as well as read what others have to say and build things for others to use), one of the things that I enjoy the most is hearing from others – specifically, family and friends – who want to get into blogging but aren’t sure where to start.

Blogging is a lot like Loch Ness: It’s a deep and wide sea that’s full of myths that can detract you from the actual site if you’re not careful.

Nessie isn't a myth. She's real. Okay? Okay.

Nessie isn’t a myth. She’s real. Okay? Okay.

Cheesy example, I know, but the truth is that there are several blogging myths all of which can seriously keep people at bay from pressing the publish button, and that’s a real shame especially if it’s an interest that they have.

Blogging Myths Explained

Earlier today, I wrote a long post on the 8BIT blog about some of the myths behind blogging, how we – as a company – want to prevent our customers and our readers from failing, and some advice aimed simply at getting you started publishing.

Though I’m not going to cover the entire article here, it hits on the following points:

  1. The Perfectionist Mindset
  2. The Significance of Focused Content
  3. The Myths of Digital Publishing
  4. You Have Permission To Be Human

Obviously, you can read the post in its entirety, but the ultimate goal is that if you’re someone who is on the fence about starting a blog and are letting the fear, skepticism, or perfectionist prevent you from pulling the trigger, then you’ve got to move past that – you have permission to be human and avoid perfection, stay on focus, and experiment with your properties.

If those are the reason you’re not doing it, then I don’t think you have valid reasons :).