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Three of My Favorite Coda Plugins For WordPress

As I’ve previously mentioned, I use Coda as my IDE for WordPress development. Honestly, it lacks a lot features that I miss about IDE’s like Visual Studio, but I’m a fan of the user interface and have found a number of Coda Plugins for WordPress that make it more a pleasant experience. To that […]

Configure Coda 2 To Connect MySQL

If you’ve recently installed or upgraded to Coda 2, are using MAMP to manage your development stack, and are looking to use the built-in MySQL frontend, here’s what you need to do in order to connect to MySQL in Coda 2. Setting up a connection between your project and its database is easy. It […]

Using Terminal in Coda 2

[…] what it’s worth, I dig the fact that we have choices when it comes to the tools with which we work. But I’ve been a fan of Coda ever since I moved to Mac. This doesn’t mean it’s not without its shortcomings. For example, I use a third-party application to do debugging but it’s […]

My WordPress Development Toolbox

[…] of software, it has its shortcomings, but I’ve never used any other IDE that I liked as much. When it comes to Mac and web application development, Coda 2 is my IDE of choice (and the latest version is leaps and bounds better than the first version). On top of that, I usually use the […]

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