Several times now, I discussed the potential and feasability of building web using WordPress for Application Development.

For those of you who haven’t read, I’ve written:

And today, I’m continuing the discussion with a post on WP Daily.

Using WordPress For Application Development

My ultimate goals in the post are specifically for sharing my perspective and thoughts on why WordPress is a foundation for web applications just as much as some other frameworks that are out there despite the way that it’s branded.

Additionally, I wanted to share it with a wider audience and hopefully begin a discussion with both budding and advanced programmers a like.

If you’re interested, I cover the following:

  • Boilerplate Functionality including authentication, user levels, presentation, and extensibility
  • Rich API’s
  • Separation of Concerns
  • The Active Development of the Core Application

So head over, read the post, and share your thoughts. This is one area in which I’d love to see the WordPress community grow throughout the year and want to make sure that we’re talking about it as much as possible.

The comments have been closed on this post as I'd like the discussion to happen on WP Daily.