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Tipsy Social Icons 1.2 For WordPress

I just published a quick update to my Tipsy Social Icon widget:

  • Added support for SoundCloud
  • Updated the widget admin display to display a proper description

Grab a copy from the WordPress Plugins Repository or, if you’ve already got installed, the notification should appear in your dashboard soon.

Follow previous posts on the project’s development here.


  1. William

    Could you put the code for tipsy icons on to Github ? I’ve added an icon for iTunes, and would like to send it back to you.

  2. Josh

    would be awesome to be able to put in your own custom icons. great plugin.

    • Tom McFarlin

      Dig that idea – thanks Josh!

  3. Christopher Pickslay


    It looks like stackoverflow is missing from 1.2, both in the wordpress directory and github. Could you add it back?

    • Tom

      Just did a checkout from the repository and it was there – not sure what happened. When ahead and verified for 3.2 and checked in a change. Change should appear in the WP dashboard soon. Lemme know if you still have an issue – thanks for the heads up!

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