Tipsy Social Icons 1.1 Released

Note: Tipsy Social Icons has been updated to version 2.0 and also includes a premium version of the plugin. Read more here!

After sharing the widget on a couple of sites (such as Forrst), I received a great, candid feedback.

As such, I just published a quick update to my Tipsy Social Icon widget:

  • Added icons for Deviant Art, GitHub, and Stack Overflow
  • Removed the fading of the Tipsy tooltips. In some cases, the jQuery event queue would back up and cause erroneous results with the tips.

Grab a copy from the WordPress Plugins Repository or, if you’ve already got installed, the notification should appear in your dashboard soon.

48 Replies to “Tipsy Social Icons 1.1 Released”

  1. All my jQuery Scripts run on my page accept yours and I can’t figure out what it is conflicting with. I’ve disabled all my plugins and still no go. I have the icons running in a widget built into my header. I can’t figure out what the problem is though, but for some reason the jQuery does not seem to be working for your particular plugin.

        1. Thanks! I checked it out. The problem appears to be that a script on your page (it appears to be the jQuery TreeView script) is being included after my plugin.

          I don’t necessary know how it’s working but viewing the page source, I can see that it’s including jQuery later in the page (which it should be done first thing) and I can see that you’re using an old version (namely 1.3) rather than 1.4.2 or even 1.5.1.

    1. Seems an odd place for an error to crop up – haven’t seen this before.

      What version of WordPress are you running and can you shoot me a screen shot (via email) of the error message?

      1. Sure – it’s on a site running WordPress 3.1, and I’m installing it via the plugin installer (not FTP).

        The error message is:

        Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or ‘}’ in /home/www/ on line 190


          1. Yeah, that’s it – it’s on a client’s site that’s running php 4 at the moment. I just tested in one of mine w/ php 5, and it works like a charm.

            Thanks for figuring that one out – I was banging my head for too long. ;-)

  2. Is there a way to add a myspace icon? I am assuming I would have to edit code to add it, can you give me a quick “how-to”/where i need to change the code to add myspace?
    (I know myspace is soo 2008 but im dealing with a record label page and myspace is still used for the musicians on our label)


  3. Any idea why 1.) the border around the Tipsy widget block on my client’s blog appears to be doubling up on thickness, and 2.) a small light colored square with lines inside is appearing to the top left of the tipsy block?

  4. LOVE the Tipsy Social Icons widget. I was able to easily install it and add my links. It even worked within a purchased theme I am using. SO BEAUTIFUL!
    Thanks a million!

  5. I love this plugin – been using it for a few months at the top of my sidebar – fits beautifully and is so simple to use.
    2 questions –

    1. I just installed the update and it disappeared from my plugin and widget lists. Any idea on where it went? I can’t find it, although when I go to reinstall it, I get a message saying that its already installed. Not sure what to do!

    2. Do you have plans to add a FourSquare Icon?

    Thanks again for this great widget!

    1. Brett,

      Try deleting the plugin via FTP then reinstalling. First reported incident of this so I definitely wanna follow up if you can’t get it to work :)>

      Didn’t have a plan to add a FourSquare icon, but I’ll add it to the hopper and plan to integrate it next time I update the plugin.

      1. WOW thank you for the very fast reply. I deleted the files through FTP and then reinstalled, but this time got an error saying that it could not be installed because of a “missing header”. I’m going to do some more testing on my end to see if its my problem, but I’ve never seen that kind of message before. But if you have any thoughts on that message, let me know!

          1. Hey,

            Got back to my desk and found the same problem with the header. I’m using 3.2.1 so I tried a manual install, but got the same results. Though the install was fine it was trying to activate it that I got the invalid header screen.

            To me (bit of a noob on plugins) it looks fine. Wish I could be more helpful as I just spent lunch showing a client how easy this was to use.

  6. Hey! First of all, very nice work!!!! only one question, can i change the position of the tooltip? appers down the icon and I want that appears up of them. Thanks! and sorry for my english!!

    1. The tooltip is generated automatically – you can’t edit it yet. I’m working on an update to this plugin that offers a lot more functionality. I’m hoping to release it in August.

    1. Thanks dude – yeah I plan to update that and introduce a few new options in a bit, but I normally batch work so it’ll be included in the next release.

      The premium version of the plugin has a more updated version of the icon, too.

  7. Hi Everyone,

    If anyone needs help adding more lines or customized links and logos let me know. I’ve done it several times. If Tom doesn’t have time to help I’m more than willing to help you out.

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