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Adding :confirmable To Users in Devise

Update 2/16/2012: I’ve posted this to an article on the Devise wiki. It’s likely that the article will continue to be updated by the community on GitHub. If this article appears out of date, refer to the wiki.

One of the challenges of working with Devise is that you may end up introducing functionality into the authentication layer long after initial requirements have been built.

I recently needed to add email notifications for user account creation. That worked fine, but all of the existing user accounts were left unconfirmed.

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Sending Email with Devise on Site5

Site5 is my host of choice when it comes to Ruby on Rails hosting. At this risk of sounding like a sponsored post, their dashboard, hosting options, customer service, and uptimes are solid.

I’m working on a project in which I’m using Devise for the authentication system but had a bit of a time getting the application to properly send email notifications.

According to Google results, this seems to be a relatively common problem so I’m sharing my configuration options here:

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Easy Sorting Helper For Rails 3

If you’re working with sorting large data sets in Rails, I’d usually recommend using something like the sorted gem to handle the work for you, but if you’re dealing with relatively small datasets, sometimes it’s just easier to roll your own helper.

I’m currently working on a project in which there are a small number of users in the system. Each has a first name, last name, email, and position column and I wanted to be able to easily sort the columns whenever a user clicks on the column header in each cell.

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