Last week, we held our first Press Start event at the office and had an awesome time of hanging out and meeting other bloggers, sharing various ideas about how to actually maintain a blog, and generally getting some writing done.

In fact, we collectively wrote over 30 posts in a single hour.

But now that summer is in full swing, we’ve got a list of events planned for the upcoming season the first of which is geared towards those of you who are looking to go from nothing to something in one day.

We’re going to cover how to setup and configure your blog as well as talk through some strategies to help you get to publishing quickly.

Summer Blogging Bootcamp

Summer Blogging Bootcamp

Just as the page says, our ultimate goal for this particular meetup is simple:

This is not for the faint of heart as the focus is on execution and decision-making instead of theory and cloud-level strategy! Get ready for a serious reboot of your blogging practice!

Personally, one of the questions I am asked most both at meetups and in emails is how do I find time to blog and how do I do so consistently.

Right now, there are a ton of people out there trying to sell “the secret sauce” to blogging, but what most of them fail to mention is that a lot of comes down to your personality and your self-discipline.

There’s no “secret sauce.”

To that end, we’re going to be covering several topics each of which should empower you to start or to get better regardless of where you are on the blogging spectrum.

Chris, John, Jared, and I are all going to discuss:

  • Installing, customizing, and optimizing WordPress options
  • Customizing the dashboard for minimum distractions
  • Developing a drafting and publishing methodology
  • Aiming to destroy the bad habits of blogging (because we all have them)
  • …and more

So if you’re in the Atlanta area or if you’re planning to be in the Atlanta area on Saturday, July 13th then consider stopping by!

Other Details

The guys and I make our living off of both building publishing products, coaching others on how to do so, and maintaining our own blog (or, in some cases, blogs) – clearly, we’re passionate about what we do.

Throughout the various events we’ve attended or various people we’ve spoken with, people are interested in getting into this space, but it can be overwhelming when you first dive in.

Our goal is to take that stress away and to arm you guys with enough tools and strategies that’ll actually help to make you productive at publishing good content.

For more information, be sure to check out the event page and we hope to see you guys there.