I think that the way in which we subscribe to our favorite sites is changing – that is to say that although I think RSS is here to stay and there are some really good apps available for it, not everyone is using that particular format as much as they once did.

It’s evident that some people are now relying more on services like Twitter, Pocket, and even email digests of weekly news.

And though I considered doing that for this site (and it was split about 50/50), I ultimately decided it would be easier just give readers the option to opt-in by email.

Subscribe By Email

For those of you who are reading this via RSS or some other mobile reader (such as Flipboard), and who are interested in subscribing by email, then hop out of your reader and into a browser for this post.

Subscribe By Email Widget

You’ll notice on the sidebar that I’ve added a “Subscribe By Email” widget that makes it easy to opt-in to reading articles in your inbox.

Of course, I’m not urging anyone else to do this, but after the feedback on the weekly digest post as well as conversations with Twitter with others, this seemed like the next best thing to RSS.

So if you’re into having your blogs delivered to your inbox, then this one’s now available.

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