For many of us who write regularly, it’s hard to fight the urge not to write about what we did last year, what we plan to do this year, and how we’re going to accomplish it.

Though I don’t typically write those types of posts, I absolutely dig reading them for others primarily because:

  • I think that I follow a lot of really interesting people who are doing a lot of really interesting things,
  • It’s inspirational to see what others have achieved,
  • It’s fun to see what’s coming in the next year from said people and watch them make it (or even scrap it!)

And sure, I have my own goals and things that I plan, but I’ve been at this long enough to know that I do best when I forecast for the short term – that is, for the next quarter or so – and then make detailed lists for the given month on what I’d like to accomplish.

Sometimes, items carry over from the previous month; most of the time, the list of full of new things to check off.

In an attempt to cover what I’m planning to achieve in the first part of 2014 (read: January), I thought I’d go ahead and share a couple of notes specifically related to WordPress work – both from a personal stand point and from Pressware’s standpoint.

How I’m Starting 2014

Frankly, it feels weird to be starting the new year in the middle of the week. Because of that, it doesn’t necessarily feel like a new start, you know?

Instead, it’s kind of like we’re pausing the middle of the work week, then resuming it a day or two later. Actually, I guess that’s exactly what we’re doing :). Anyway, perhaps that’s a good thing (for some of us, at least).

As I mentioned, I try to start things at the beginning of each month – or carry certain things over – and, to that end, this is somewhat routine; however, I can say that I’d love to look back at this post 30 days from now – not six months from now or 365 days from now – and know that I did what I set out to do.

Heading Into 2014

Heading Into 2014

With that said – and as I mentioned at the outset of this post – I thought I’d share some of the plans I have both for myself and my business in the coming month if for no other reason than keeping myself honest.


First order of business is to clean this desk!

First order of business is to clean this desk!

First and foremost, I’m looking to release `2.7.0` of the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate. There are a number of outstanding issues each of which should make for a solid release.

On top of that, I’ve got two other stellar guys helping me to build out the landing page for the project, and we’ll be iterating on it as the Boilerplate progresses. We have some really neat things planned, though I’d love to cover that in more detail later when I can give everyone more credit when credit is due.

Additionally, I’d love to continue contributing to WordPress core.

I’ve been able to contribute a couple of times in the past, but I’m really enjoying helping with the effort to clean up the JavaScript, standardize it, and overall improve it such that it not only improves the core application, but provides a solid foundation for bloggers, designers, and developers in their work.


Pressware: WordPress Goods & Services

Pressware: Custom WordPress Development & Services

Earlier this year, I shared that I had rebranded by company to Pressware out of which I offer WordPress goods and services.

Up to this point, I’ve spent a significant amount of time focused on the service-oriented aspect of the company. I love this because it helps keep work exciting, and it provides services to other people and organizations that are running their business – or part of their business – on WordPress.

But I’d also like to focus more on the “goods” or the “product” side of the company.

To that end, I’m looking to begin releasing a few small plugins as well as Mayer. Right now, my number one priority is the theme as I’m looking to make one of the best options for themes for established and/or long form bloggers.

I’m excited about the progress being made, and am looking to begin dog fooding it starting this month – hopefully sooner rather than later!

Beta Tester and Contractors

I’m likely going to try to put together a team of beta testers for this, so keep a look out for posts related to that if you’re interested in participating.

Finally, I’m looking to have a few contractors on tap to help me with Pressware’s workload. I’ll have another entire post dedicated to this later on, but if you’re a WordPress developer, are looking to for some work, and have experience with building high-quality WordPress projects, we should talk.

Can It Be Done?

Sure, why not?

From this vantage point, most things can be. It’s only after a couple of weeks or so before I – or anyone – will have a clearer picture.

On top of that, there are certainly things outside of WordPress – and even the Internet (can you believe it?!) – that I hope to do. I’m sure that’s the same with you, as well.

To that end, what are you looking to do in the coming month or even the coming year? Link me up to your posts in the comments. I love seeing what others are up to, and following along.