One of the things that’s incredibly popular right now – especially among bloggers – is writing a book, an eBook, or some type of paid digital good (and I’m all for it). Though I’ve no expectation of writing a book of my own anytime soon, I’ve had the pleasure of proof reading other people’s work, and offering feedback, critique, and reviews.

Early last year, I was invited to serve as one of the technical editors for the next edition of Smashing WordPress by Thord Daniel Hedengren.

I’m proud to say that the book hit shelves – both online and for the Kindle (or whatever your eReader of choice may be) – yesterday.

Smashing WordPress: Beyond The Blog

Smashing WordPress: Beyond The Blog

To be clear, Thord is the guy behind the the book and deserves all the credit for this edition (and all previous editions) have received and will receive.

Mark Wilkinson and I served as the technical editors and were primarily responsible for making sure that the code contained in the book is up to par with the WordPress Coding Standards, and the practices associated with the current version of WordPress.

Get It?

The book is designed to walk readers through the process of setting up, installing, and configuring WordPress. In addition to that, it aims to guide the reader through the process of developing a theme from the ground up. It also covers custom post types, The Loop, basic plugin development, and more.

If you’re someone who’s wanting to get into WordPress development, and consider yourself a beginner, or if you’ve just started scratching the surface of WordPress, then I definitely recommend the book.

For more information, check out Thord’s page – it covers the content of the book.

Royalty Free

And for the cynics out there, I don’t receive any royalties from the sale – I’m genuinely recommending it: I’ve read the book cover-to-cover, I’ve been to enough WordPress meetups, and I’ve chatted with enough people to know what constitutes useful information, and what doesn’t.

So with that said, check it out – it’s available in both paperback and Kindle.