A couple of years ago, I maintained a small project that sought to make it easy to incorporate a JavaScript slideshow in any web-based project.

Though I no longer maintain the project, there is a bit of organic traffic that still stumbles across this site and I periodically receive emails asking about Slideshow JS so I’m posting the last working version of the utility here.

Slideshow JS is JavaScript utility that’s fully configurable via element class names. It requires absolutely no scripting and it supports the following options:

  • Specifying the number of seconds each image will be displayed
  • Whether or not to automatically transition to the next image
  • A display representing the number of pictures in the slideshow
  • Controls to cycle to the next or previous images, pausing, and resume
  • Whether or not to display the images in order

Granted, the recent progression of JavaScript libraries has made creating something like this much easier than it once was. Nonetheless, feel free to download Slideshow JS.