Update: The case has been sold.

A couple of years ago, I received a Waterfield Laptop Sleeve Case. It served me well, but I’ve not used it in over a year partially because of my move to self-employment, partially because I received a different case for my current laptop last Christmas.

As such, it’s been sitting in the closet in my office. Now, I’m looking to sell it (and it’s still in excellent condition). Photos and details are as follows:

The Waterfeld Logo on the velcro strap that keeps the laptop snug in the sleeve.

The front of the sleeve.

The back of the sleeve (with some slight wear in the back pocket where the strap is sewn to the sleeve).

Bottom corner of the case.

The actual sleeve (clearly, heavily padded).

An open view of the sleeve.

This particular bag is ideal for 13″ in laptops or smaller if you’re comfortable with some extra space at the top of the sleeve. You can see more specs on the Waterfield product site.

The case typically runs for $49. I’m looking to sale this bag for $25 and I’ll cover shipping to anywhere within the continental United States.

Feel free to drop any questions in the comments. Other than that, first come, first serve.