Over the next few months, I’m planning to make a few changes to this blog and the tertiary content around it. This includes the newsletter, the podcast, membership content, and more.

And by changes, I don’t mean getting rid of everything. Somethings, maybe, but certainly not all.

Between life and work, I’m busier than I’ve ever been – a good thing, to be clear – but I’m looking to simplify things where I can. And the newsletter seemed like one of the clearest places to start.

The blog, as it stands, will continue to be about WordPress development and I’ll continue to share content regularly; however, this month’s newsletter will be the last one that I’ll be sending on the regular.

Reducing Blog Content: The Newsletter

For those who subscribe to the newsletter, you already know the gist of how it works:

  • I give a short update as to what’s going on,
  • I share links to free content,
  • I share links to membership content,
  • And I share anything else prior to closing.

The thing about this is that there’s a lot of cross-over between who reads this site and who subscribers to the newsletter.

Reducing Blog Content: The Newsletter

Given there are veryvery few times that I ever take content off the site (even content that’s almost a decade old and even if it’s almost out of date). And given that I’m also looking to make changes to the membership aspects of this site next (and which I’ll discuss in another post), it makes sense to simply leave things as they are.

If you want to read the content I have, then that’s great and it’s obviously a purpose of the blog; however, I don’t feel a compelling need to continue publishing a newsletter of redundant information.

If anything, I’m happy to use it solely to share things periodically and not to inundate anyone’s inbox.

So with that said, as much as I appreciate the subscribers and those who read the site, it’s also time to reduce some of the work that goes into what I’m doing especially when it’s already available here on the blog.