Why Themes Are Presentation, Plugins Are Applications

I recently had a conversation with someone about why I tend to favor working on WordPress plugins over working with themes, and the short answer is that I enjoy working more on application-type functionality rather than working on a design layer, and, as such, I believe plugins are applications for WordPress. I’ve talked a little …

Thinking Holistically About WordPress Plugins as Products – The Gold Rush

This is the first post in the Thinking Holistically About WordPress Plugins as Products series.It goes without saying that one of the best (and worst) things about WordPress is the 20,000-some-odd plugins that are available. It would seem that there’s literally a plugin for everything, and if there’s not, then one can be or inevitably …

A WordPress Upgrade Doesn’t Break Your Site

WordPress 4.4 was released last week and there’s no reason for me to cover all the information about it. You can read all about it on:

– Post Status
– WP Tavern
– WordPress.org

As with any WordPress upgrade, there comes the commentary that:

The latest WordPress upgrade broke my site.
And I get it:

1. You’re a user.
2. Your site is powered by WordPress.
3. You upgrade WordPress.
4. Your site breaks.
5. Thus, the WordPress upgrade broke your site.

I’m likely preaching to the choir with this post given the audience of which I’m aware, but in case anyone reads this is not a WordPress developer and is someone who is tech-savvy and tries to say on the up-and-up with WordPress, then perhaps it’ll be useful.

If nothing else, I can reference this for others with whom I work as a means to explain something without doing so over and over again (and hopefully in a much clearer way).

The short of it: Just because you upgrade WordPress and your site breaks does not mean that the WordPress upgrade broke your site.

This sounds a bit like circular reasoning, doesn’t it? Bear with me.

WordPress Plugins Are Adopted: Thank You!

A couple of days ago, I shared that I was looking to put some of my plugins up for adoption. I’ll go into a bit more details as to why later in this post, but I’m happy to say the WordPress plugins are adopted.