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Local Development for the Independent WordPress Developer

[…] of which are easy to install. I’ll cover each of them in detail here so that you have everything you need to get going quickly. 1. Install Homebrew Homebrew is simply an easy way to manage third-party applications (or packages) outside of the Mac App Store. It’s a great tool for developers and makes […]

Fix WordPress, PHP, MariaDB, and Homebrew

TL;DR: If you find yourself setting up a new environment and you run into problems running WordPress, MariaDB, and PHP there are a few things to remember. Here’s what and here’s how to fix it. I’m working on a longer post about how I set up my latest development environment but, in the mean time, […]

When Valet Stops Working Properly, What Do We Do?

I’m a fan of using both Homebrew and Valet when it comes to setting up and configuring a basic WordPress development environment. Though using package managers and simple software for such like this should make things easier, it doesn’t absolve us from the occasional problems. Case in point: There are times in which we […]

Tools for Writing Better WordPress Code: Introduction

[…] are times where it’s important to install Composer in a global setting, too. And that’s what we’re going to do here. Two Ways to Install Composer Using Homebrew If you use Homebrew, then it’s possible to install Composer using Homebrew. It’s arguably easier to install and upgrade. Of course, this assumes you have Homebrew […]

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