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Last month, I shared my process for performing WordPress-based site migrations. For the record, this process is the one I prefer and that I’ve found best in my day-to-day work, but it’s not necessarily perfect for everyone.

So there are obvious alternatives some of which may work better for you than others.

In my latest serious on Tuts+, I’ve got a three part series that will walk you through how to move your WordPress database.

Easily Move Your WordPress Database

In the series, I walk readers through a high-level survey of the WordPress database so that you can have a better understanding as to how WordPress stores its information.

Move Your WordPress Database

Then the later two parts of the series show you how to easily migrate your database from development to production and vice versa using WP Migrate DB.

This page will serve as the landing page for the series with the post being updated each time a new article is published. In the mean time, you can check out the articles that are available today…

  1. Migrate Your WordPress Database: A Database Primer
  2. Migrate Your WordPress Database: Production to Development
  3. …more to come

Generally speaking, the series is meant to help new developers understand how WordPress maintains all of the data that’s stored in its database, and then also provide a simple guide for how to easily move the database from one system to another through the use of moving files and by performing database imports and exports through the use of a really easy to use plugin.

Each time a new article is published, this post will be updated. For now, check out the first article.