This week has been one of those weeks.

Not much in the way of bookmarking, but there are a few things worth sharing…

  • I stumbled across a slick jQuery plugin for displaying modals called Reveal. Definitely one of the nicer implementations I’ve seen.
  • jQuery 1.5 release candidate one was released. You can track all of the major changes here. I’m looking forward to this milestone – lots of good stuff coming.A
  • Aarron Walter had a nice piece of The Art of the Design Critique. I try to leave design to the experts, but I think a lot of the advice is applicable to system and software design, too.
  • 37signals is retiring OpenID support. I used to be 100% for the authentication system but I think it’s fair to same that it came, it tried, and it failed despite an amazing effort.

Not too much stuff this week.