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Last set of resources for 2011 – lots of jQuery-related content this week. Even still, here’s the list:

  • URI.js is a JavaScript library for working with URL’s. Looking at the interface of the library, you’ll notice that it resembles jQuery’s method chaining and that it provides somewhat of an interface to a URL (with methods such as username, directory, suffix, hash, etc).
  • For those of you that author plugins and custom functions for jQuery, check out this refresher on jQuery’s pushStack functionality.
  • With the development cycle of Ruby on Rails, it can be easy to fall behind if you aren’t regularly working with the framework. Ryan provides a traditional Getting Started with Rails railscast this week.
  • John Resig, author of jQuery, wrote an interesting piece on using JavaScript as a First Language to someone that’s never seen a programming language before. For anyone with a background in computer science, I think it’s a great read.

According to feedback and analytics data, this particular section of the site has a fair amount of traffic so I’m thinking of experimenting with improving it in the next year. Though I’d still likely run the resources on the site, I’m thinking of creating a newsletter and expanding the content with some more exclusive information. If you’re a developer (of any type), I’d especially like to talk with you about this.

Although, this is probably the worst time of year to gauge interest on this given that most people are traveling, taking time off, and are generally disconnect, but if you’d be interested in mixing things up with the resources, let me know either via comment or via email.

On to 2012!


  1. John (TentBlogger)

    double it.

  2. Andrew Lee

    I agree with John. Definitely like this section and more content would be awesome. I totally missed the Nettuts+ post. I particularly like the progressive CSS3 articles, but that’s just me.

    • Tom

      Awesome – thanks for the feedback, Andrew!

  3. Jason Bradley

    I really enjoy reading these posts and would encourage you to expand. We’re usually on the same page too because I have generally ran past the same articles you post. You’re series on switching to the MacBook Air Aldo helped me with my decision to buy one too.

    • Tom

      Word up – planning to try to get this going by Friday.

  4. Kevin

    Love the newsletter idea. I’d sign up.

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