Resources for the past week are:

  • Smashing Magazine ran an article on useful JavaScript libraries. Helpful for anyone that’s new to the JavaScript and his having a challenging knowing where to start.
  • Tilt is a killer system that gives a 3D rendering of the page (or, more specifically, the DOM). If you’re a budding developer and are trying to figure out how to conceptually map markup, check this out.
  • Formee looks to be yet another web form utility. Looks sharp, though.
  • Kippt is a solid web application for aggregating all the various articles, tools, and resources you find around the web. Been giving it a try this week.
  • Jeffrey at Envato gave a quick screen cast on how to work with multiple GitHub accounts.
  • jQuery 1.7 was released.
  • SimpLESS is a a utility for easily compiling LESS files.
Until next week.