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The usual weekly round up for some of my favorite links this week:

And in other news, my wife and I are expecting our first child. Quite pumped about that :).


  1. Jon Koon

    Congrats on the baby man. That is really exciting. Julie and I are actually expecting our first in September.

    *little critique: It took me a second to find the “Submit Comment” link. Perhaps a button would be better.

    • Tom

      Thanks dude – and congrats to you and Julie!

      This theme is actually an early release of something that’ll be released soon. It has some improvements on the UI ;).

  2. Chris Ames

    Yay :-)

  3. Bob

    Congratulations Tom! Best thing that ever happened to me, meeting my daughter – you’re gonna love it!

    • Tom

      Seriously – longest seven months of my life :)

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