More Code Newsletter

The twelfth and final issue of the More Code Newsletter just went out. Here’s a run down of some of the resources that were included in this issue:

  • GitHub.js is a JavaScript library that provides a wrapper for the GitHub API that allow you to communicate with your account via the browser.
  • PHP – the entire language – is now available on GitHub.
  • SnipSave is a web app that allows you to collect source code snippets to save for referral or future use.
  • Hammer.js is a JavaScript library that implements multi-gesture support to your web-based project.
  • Copycopter is a Rails gem for introducing text editing into your Rails application. The linked Railscast provides a tutorial on getting up and running.
  • Wookmark is a jQuery plugin for adding Pinterest-like dynamic grids to your projects.
  • Mobile UI Design Patterns is an article published by Six Revisions that provides a listing of popular designs tailored towards mobile devices.
  • Geomicons is a royalty-free set of vector-based icons.

I’m planning to continue sharing resources on the site, though I’m not sure if I’ll continue to do so as a weekly digest or using link post formats that are now built into Standard.