It is a blog, sure, but it is also a wiki. It’s a spot where I can post ideas, snippets, resources, thoughts, collections, and other bits and pieces that I find interesting and useful. Instead of always being a “performance” level of blogging, it can be a looser more human endeavor that drops the idea of robots sorting the content (in this case simply by date created) and embraces the idea of curation, by me, for you.

My blog is a digital garden, Not a blog,

I found this post to particularly timely and interesting as I’m wrestling with a few things for this blog.

Naturally, I still want to write about what it is I do for a living, to journal my own experience, and to help others. And the idea of a digital garden makes a lot of sense. The biggest challenge for me is figuring out just how wide I can (read: should) take this content.

Even as I wrote that last sentence, I was looking to write more. But I think it’s sufficient for now. Hard to kick old habits.