For a little over half a year now, I’ve been running (or simply managing, at times) a Tumblr blog called Dev Practices. The whole idea behind the blog is simply this:

A day in the life of a developer as illustrated by GIFs.

But I’ve been surprised. The site’s been a lot of fun to manage, people have been contributing to it, and there’s a backlog of at least a month’s worth of content.

So, like any developer at this point, I’ve started thinking about Dev Practices 2.0 (of course, I should probably come up with a better than than name, right?)

Dev Practices Plus Plus (Is That a Good Name?)

For those of you who aren’t aware, you can checkout the tumblr blog by clicking here. As if the intro to this post wasn’t enough detail, the blog is self-explanatory.

Dev Practices: Hello world. These practices.

Hello world. These practices.

Here’s the deal: I know that it’s not a novel idea, but I’ve had a lot of fun running it and a lot of people routinely submit content so the site, in a sense, runs itself.

Sure, I submit content on my own, but there are a number of people who continue to do so as well which makes it really neat – people submit their own ideas and then the site keeps running.

Furthermore, the site started off a bit as a joke. That is, I didn’t have any major plans for it, nor did I have any particular thoughts on letting it run for a while, nor did I have any preconceived notions about if people would find it interesting, if they’d want to submit their own, and so on.

With that said, I’m currently planning the next iteration of the site. I wanted to share the features here, but I’m also interested in feedback specifically because I’m going to be moving it to WordPress and I’m interested in whatever feedback you guys and girls are willing to offer:

  • Continued ability for user submission
  • Up voting of GIFs (and perhaps down voting even though social networks hate to introduce this feature – this isn’t a social network)
  • User accounts for people who have submitted over n-numbers of GIFs and/or have achieved x-number of up votes
  • The occasional: “Caption This” in which comments are turned on
  • Sorting the content for a week and a month based on the number of votes (best Dev Practices, worst Dev Practices, this week’s X-contributor, and so on)
  • …and more.

So that’s the current set of plans I have for the second iteration of Dev Practices, Dev Practices Plus Plus, Dev Practices 2.0, More Dev Practices, Dev Practices Snow Leopard, or whatever it is you want to call it.

But okay, enough of that. Thoughts on the above features? Yay? Nay? Anything I’ve missed? Hit me with it.