Here’s a snapshot of this week’s resources. As usual, there is more to see in the newsletter:

  • Colllor is a small web application that makes it easy to generate consistent color palettes for your sites and applications. Definitely useful for those of us who are design impaired.
  • Status Code is a email newsletter for programmers that’s published by @PeterC of JavaScript Weekly and Ruby Weekly.
  • Hogan.js is a JavaScript Templating Engine created by the development team at Twitter. It can be used to compile your assets and to manage dynamic templates. It plays well with Node.js, too.
  • Stellar.js is a jQuery plugin for easily introducing Parallax effects in your project.
  • Tinycon is a JavaScript library for adding notification bubbles to favicons in your web-based projects.
  • Turn.js is a jQuery Plugin for introducing page turns into your web application. It weights in at 15k and leverages HTML5.

Until next week!