Moving a git repository with git bundle

For the most part, I’ve been doing all of my development on SlideNote out of a git repository located in an arbitrary directory on my hard drive.

Recently, I needed to move several projects to another location and since I had several changes that I’d yet to commit, I wanted to move the repository while keeping all of the changes intact.

Here’s how to do it using git’s bundle command:

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Uncle Bob Martin on Software Craftsmanship

For sometime now, I’ve been a big fan of Bob Martin. I’ve found a number of his ideas and approach to software development interesting and actually practical so much so that I wish they’d present some of his ideas in modern computer science programs.

I recently had the opportunity to hear him speak about agile software development, clean code, and apprenticeship. I really enjoyed it.

Here’s a short excerpt from his talk specifically on apprenticeship:

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Use The Flickr API To Retrieve a User ID

I’ve been working on a small application that interfaces with the Flickr API in order to dynamically retrieve a stream of photos from a user’s Flickr feed.

In order to retrieve the stream, the user’s ID is required; however, most users are familiar with their Flickr username, not their ID. Services such as IDGettr can be a big help in looking up a user’s ID, but I wanted to roll something into the application that eliminated the need for a third-party service.

Assuming that you have a Flickr API Key, retrieving the user ID based on the username is easy enough.
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Hello World

Hey – I’m Tom and this post is a bit obligatory.

I’m a software engineer living just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. When it comes to development, I’m into a number of different methodologies and technologies. I also enjoy working on a few side projects, contributing guest articles, and keeping track of notes.

Rather than throw that stuff all over the Internet, I wanted to track it all in one place so I thought I’d track it here.