One of the things that my team at 8BIT is passionate about is education specifically in the publishing space. It’s taken us some time to begin putting together a series of events now that we actually have space to support it, we’re offering a 100% free Atlanta blogger meetup here at the office.

This is the first of a series of events that we have planned for the summer.

Some are paid, some are free, but one thing that we’re looking forward to the most is meeting like-minded people who love blogging, development, designer, the Internet, and all things in between.

But our ultimate goal is not simply to meet people – it’s to equip people to do a better job at what they already do, or what they want to do.

BlogUp! – An Atlanta Blogger Meetup

Atlanta Blogger Meetup

On Friday, June 28th, 2013 we’re going to be hosting a short meetup here at the office specifically for local Atlanta-area bloggers who are looking to meetup with other bloggers, as well as get some work done.

The doors open at 7am and we’re going to have plenty of coffee for everyone.

In addition to hanging out and getting to know one another, we’re going to have a heads-down exercise for an hour or so for all of us to get some writing done. And who knows – perhaps the person who writes the most posts will walk away with some swag.


The 8BIT Office

At any rate, if you’re a blogger – newbie or seasoned – feel free to come by. You can find all of the details and registration information on the event page.

Eager to see those of you who are planning to come hang out!