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Using WP_Query and Multiple Meta Keys

When it comes to searching the WordPress database, there’s probably no better API than WP_Query. That doesn’t mean it’s not without it’s limitations, though (only which will be improved over time, I’m sure). For example, consider the case where you have two types of meta data that are completely unrelated and you need to run […]

How To Setup Custom Queries For WP_Query Pagination

One of the nicest things about using WP_Query is that it allows you to completely customize the data that you’re bringing back to the front end. For those of you who are completely unfamiliar with this API, it’s a powerful class that allows you to custom tailor a query against the WordPress database for retrieving information […]

Understanding WP_Query

I’ve done my fair share of work with WP_Query this week – it’s definitely been an exercise in education, but when an employee of Automattic comments and offers advice, it’s worth listening But I wanted to keep the conversation going for the benefit of other developers. As such, I wanted to reblog this talk by […]

Using WP_Query To Search For a Person

One of the most powerful features of WP_Query is that it allows for us to create a type of mini-search engine within the context of our WordPress projects. No, this isn’t as sophisticated as something or someone who’s actually in the search business, but you can create some pretty elaborate queries using WP_Query. Conversely, you […]

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