A summary of useful links, applications, and tools that I find around the Internet.

Why I Use GistBox

One of the tools that I’ve been using more and more each day is GistBox. As the website states:

The Beautiful Way to Organize Code Snippets GistBox is the shared code library your team needs.

This isn’t a bad explanation by any means, but if you’re a single developer and/or you’re looking for quick reasons as to how this may be useful in your day-to-day workflow, this particular sentence leaves something to be desired, right?

Personally, I was skeptical until I gave it a try, but now I can’t really imagine not using.

Using LighthouseApp For WordPress Issues

One of the things that I love about GitHub is how they’ve done a great job integrating source code, milestones, tickets, pull requests, and so on.

But if you’re working with WordPress, not all projects all on which you work will use GitHub.

Case in point: If you’re selling a theme on or if you’re working on a plugin that is hosted in the WordPress Plugin Repository, then you’re going to be using Subversion as your source control system. But this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice the work flow of milestones, tickets, and so on.

It just requires that you use a third-party solution. For example, for the past couple of months, I’ve been using LighthouseApp as my issue tracker of choice for Mayer.

Managing Email with Flywheel and Pobox Email Forwarding

Late last year, I migrated this site to Flywheel for managed WordPress hosting (which I talked a little bit about in this post). I’ve been incredibly happy with them for a number of reasons, each of which I cover at a later time; however, one of the features that they do not offer is email hosting.

Straight from their support channel:

At Flywheel we believe strongly in working with “best of breed” providers for everything we do, and we view ourselves to be a “best of breed WordPress host.” As such, we do not currently host email for our clients. We make a deliberate effort to focus on building a great WordPress hosting environment – and being the absolute best at it.

I love the mentality and the vision they’re after, but this does leave us needing to look for an alternative host.

They mention Google Apps, Zoho Mail, and Rackspace Email as alternatives, but the last thing that I wanted to do was setup yet-another-email-address.

I have a handful of email addresses all of which forward to a single Gmail box that allow me to respond from the address to which the email was sent, and I wanted to duplicate that for this particular domain.

So I tried one of the recommended solutions for a couple of months, and I couldn’t get it to jive with my workflow (for a number of different reasons, none of which I’m covering here).

This ultimately lead me to try out Pobox.

My Preferred Web Page Screenshot Tool, Take 2: Awesome Screenshot

I no longer use this extension. You can read a technical explanation as to why on this page.

As you guys know, I like to keep a list of tools that I use on a day-to-day base to help get work done. And early last year, I shared that I was a fan of Screen Capture by Google.

Unfortunately, as Chrome has updated, the plugin has not and I began to experience more and more issues with it crashing, not saving screenshots, and generally not working. When this happens, I do what everyone else opts to do: look for a new solution.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been using Awesome Screenshot and I’m a big fan of it.

Update Your WordPress Projects on GitHub with the GitHub Updater

It’s no secret that many open source developers love GitHub – it’s an amazing service that makes sharing and working on open source projects really easy, both from a project management standpoint, and from a developer/contributor standpoint.

But if you’re in the business of building WordPress plugins, and you enjoy taking advantage of the services offered by the GitHub plugin repository, then one of the things that makes it difficult to keep your work on GitHub is the lack of ability to update your plugin.

Of course, projects have been released that allow you to sync both repositories, but if you’re interested in going 100% with GitHub, then check out the GitHub Updater Plugin.

Giveaway: Get a Free Domain with Namecheap!

This contest is now closed. Please see the update at the bottom of the post for the winners!

For those of you who have read this blog for sometime, you know that one of those things that I enjoy doing is partnering with other companies and organizations to offer a variety of giveaways be it for software, applications, service, products, and so on.

This time around, I’ve got a sweet deal from the guys over at Namecheap:

  • The grand prize winner can pick three domain names (for .com, .net., and/or .org),
  • While two runners up will be awarded one domain each

As with all of the rest of the giveaways, the details for how to enter are below:

Winners: A Year of Free Hosting From InMotion Hosting

Comments are closed. Congrats to those who entered, and read on to get 30% off of the Power Plan.

Last week, the guys and gals over at InMotion Hosting were kind enough to offer a year of free hosting for their Power Plan, and one year of free hosting from WebHosting Hub.

The winners for each of the prizes, respectively:

  • Arup Ghosh
  • Rogério Moreira

Congrats to those guys!

If you entered the contest and are still looking to InMotion Hosting as a provider, then they’ve been kind enough to offer a discount through this site.

My First Two Months with SpiderOak Hive

A couple of months ago, I came across an interesting article by Doug Belshaw that covered his thoughts and experiences with Dropbox, SpiderOak Hive, and why he made the jump from one to the other. In short (and straight from his blog):

I’m moving from Dropbox to SpiderOak for file sync/backup. SpiderOak not only encrypts files in transit, but on their servers. The encryption key stays on the user’s machine so SpiderOak employees (or anyone else) can’t get access to your files.

Shortly after reading the article, giving it some thought of my own, and taking an in-depth look at SpiderOak, I ended sharing the following:

My current setup – as mentioned – is the free Dropbox plan (with which I have 6.2GB of space), and a SpiderOak Hive subscription for 100GB. It’s been just shy of two months, so I thought it was time to follow-up with my experience thus far.

Giveaway: A Year of Free Hosting From InMotion Hosting

The contest has ended. For details on the winners and how you can get a discount on InMotion hosting, see this post.

As you guys know, one of the things that I like to do for those of you who are regular readers is to provide giveaways for various software, applications, services, and products.

Today, I’m stoked to be offering up a giveaway for two web hosting options:

  • One year of hosting with the InMotion Hosting Power Plan
  • One year of hosting with the WebHostingHub

As usual, if you’re interested, there are more details below:

Searching For a Startup

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Stephen Bateman. During this time, I was working at 8BIT and he was spending his summer working with us.

Because of a weird scheduling conflict, he ended up staying at my place for about three or four weeks. During that time, my wife and I had just found out we were pregnant, and we were playing parents to a twenty-something.

I kid, I kid.

Pun intended.

It was awesome having Bateman around, and it’s hard to summarize my overall opinion of the guy in just a few words. But, basically, he’s smart and he’s going places, and he recently started a blog that I think many of us should be reading.