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With the recent change to requiring themes to use the WordPress Theme Customizer in their work, WordPress designers and developers have been talking about it and discussing it for several weeks now. And rightly so: Many of us are fans of the customizer, many are not, some fall in between, and some wish that […]

/ May 7, 2015 / Comments Off on Using SiteGround For WordPress Hosting

Using SiteGround For WordPress Hosting

As if this is actually news to anyone, one of the number one choices that has to be made when hosting a website is where to actually host the site. And there’s no shortage of hosts from which to choose. For beginners, it’s easy to look for cheap hosting, for more advanced users, it’s easy to look at managed […]

Comments are closed. The winner has been selected and contacted. Thanks to all who participated!Back in December, the team at ThemeFuse was kind enough to offer a giveaway and have offered to do the same again this month. Since I try to take advantage of certain opportunities that help benefit those of you who are budding […]

Comments are closed as the winners have been selected and emails. Thanks to all who participated!One of the more popular services that has to come to WordPress within the last year or so is the ability to integrate Git into your theme, plugin, and/or application development workflow. And why shouldn’t it? Services like GitHub and […]

I’ve been using Postmatic to manage my blog comments for quite sometime now – since November, even. In fact, I’ve written two previous posts about the plugin: Making The Switch To Postmatic My Initial Thoughts on Using Postmatic Since those posts, I’ve continued to run Postmatic – I’ve been through every single release of the […]

For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on a course that walks beginners through how to learn to write WordPress plugins. Specifically, the course is available via Envato and is called an Introduction To WordPress Development. So what all does the course cover?

WordPress Style Guide

When working on custom solutions for others – be it for themes, plugins, or some other extension for WordPress – one of the things I think is important is to make sure the Dashboard has the same look and feel as the rest of the native components of WordPress. That is, I dislike and I […]

/ March 23, 2015 / Comments Off on The Basics of How WordPress Works

The Basics of How WordPress Works

If you’re getting started in WordPress development, odds are it won’t be long until you bump up against the concept of hooks. That is, points during the WordPress life cycle that allow us to add our own functionality to customize how WordPress behaves. Of course, this is how both themes and plugins are made to do […]

/ March 16, 2015 / Comments Off on WP Sessions: Using The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

WP Sessions: Using The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

Prior to handing off development and maintenance of the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate to Devin Vinson, I had the opportunity to work with Brian Richards of WP Sessions to put together a short course on how to use the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate. The purpose of the course was to provide the initial set of documentation for […]

/ February 18, 2015 / Comments Off on Interested in SEO For Beginners?

Interested in SEO For Beginners?

One of the things that I enjoy about keeping up with friends who are involved in different areas of development than I am is all of the cool things that they’re working on. Sure, many are doing cool stuff within WordPress, but there are also a lot of people who are doing things with other […]

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